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Website & Forum Retirement

Posted by Kasalla - Jul 04 2018 04:25 AM

In the end 2015 the guild decided to move all discussion from our website onto our Discord IRC, and that has left our website without a purpose. Because of this I will be retiring the website & forums as you know them now.


The site will go offline August 1st, 2018. Please archive any of your information stored on the forums before that date. If you can't find something you're looking for it may be on our old GW1 archives which can be found here


Descendantsofhonor.com will instead turn into a glorified landing page pointing to our discord server with a basic Discourse forum to house guild documents and if the guild by chance needs an alternative area to house a page or discussion. 


For information on how to stay connected on Discord click here.


Thanks guys, and catch you on Discord!

In with the new and out with the old.

Posted by Douglas - Jan 27 2016 11:45 PM

Hey Everyone! Well I have some good news and sad news. Normally folks like to get the sad news out of the way so I’ll begin with that first. Now brace yourself, it’s gonna blow your socks off, nah not really…but I do hope you are gripping onto something cause what i’m about to tell you will shatter your very existence and what you believe which is real truly isn't. I Douglas, will be stepping down from leadership. My reign in the guild is sadly coming to halt. Why? some might ask? Well I could say my job has been keeping me busy since Halloween.Plus with going back and forth from Miami to Chicago, there are just times I can’t keep up and my only ways of being on track with everything is through Discord. Aside from everything else, I want to thank everyone who followed my lead and I hope I was actually of some sort of leadership to you all :). I’m not totally going away, (you can’t get rid of me that easily!) I’ll still be around to torture low lvl agony member into high lvl fractals.


Now let's bring in some good news! I’ve searched far and wide, and I’ve even traveled to the harsh marshes and heat of the humid swampland to find the perfect replacement for me. I met this person 3 years ago, and since they became a member of this guild I knew I would be very close friends with him. We’ve been through many things throughout the years and I know I have found the perfect replacement. Him and his “brother” (hahahahaha never gets old) work perfectly side by side (with some bickering aside while they don’t use push to talk) and have shown their true interest for the guild. He's even the mastermind whose set up this amazing server on Discord for us to communicate even when we aren't logged into the game. I know with him helping lead the guild with Alethia and Connor, you all are in perfectly safe hands. So without further ado I would like you all to meet you new co-leader of Descendants of Honor. Xorin. See you all in game and…( I’ll steal a page from Scotzilla WHY NOT!!!) “I love (kill) each and everyone of you” ;)

Decorating Contest

Posted by Xorin - Jan 15 2016 03:12 PM

We're hosting our first Guild Hall Decorating Contest! The contest runs from now until 6:00pm PST on Friday, January 22nd!
For those interested in entering the contest, pick a spot in the guild hall and decorate all you want, though please check if anyone else is currently decorating to prevent too many people from trying to access limited decorations. Once you have your spot decorated, take some screen shots. We'll accept up to 3 screen shots per person of your decorations. Once you're done decorating and have taken your screen shots, please remove the decorations you have used so that they will be available for the next person to decorate. 
Submisssions should be made in the #decorating channel on Discord. Also tell us your GW2 account name with your submission. If you haven't joined our Discord server, you can find information on how to do that here.
Some information about decorating can be found on the wiki.
To get to the decoations, you can open the guild panel and go to the Storage tab, and the click on the Decorations tab on the left. Double clicking on a decoration will give you a bundle to place using the 1 skill. If you need to remove some items, use can use the 3-5 skills, depending on the size of the area you need. The 6 skill will bring up a window of decorations to choose from. A tip for getting floating items is to stack items in a staircase fashion on top of each other and then delete the lower ones. If you need further help decorating, feel free to ask.
The prize will be exclusive decorating permissions in the Guild Hall for a minimum of one week.

Discord Bot

Posted by Xorin - Jan 12 2016 07:59 PM

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to take a moment to make a post detailing some things that you may or may not be familiar with.


First, hopefully you're familiar with Discord by now. We're using it as our primary VOIP service, but it's rapidly becoming a multipurpose tool. If you aren't familiar with it, you can see my other post with details about how to get Discord up and running. What you may not be as familiar with is our resident chat bot, Xantha, so I thought I'd take a moment to explain a few of her more useful features.


Those of you who have joined Discord in the past couple months have seen one of the more useful features from an administrative standpoint: she will send a welcome message to any new member and will also notify the server administrators that someone needs permissions. So, if you see someone new join the server, you can assure them that someone will be taking care of them as soon as possible.


Xantha also has a feature for creating and notifying groups. You can see a list of current groups by typing (without quotes): "!group-list" in any Discord channel you see the bot in, or by sending Xantha a direct message. If a group is open, you can type "!group-enroll <group name>" (without <>) to add your name to the list of people in the group. What this does is allow someone to use the command "!group-call <group name>" to produce a list of mentions for everyone in that group. Currently we have groups related to raiding and fractals, but if there is a group that you think would be useful, let a member of Leadership know, and if they agree that it would be a useful group, they can make it for you.


If you intend to go away for an extended period of time, you can still let us know via forum post, but you can also use Xantha to let us know if you're going away and when you get back. The command "!away-set <GW2 account name>; <expected duration in days>" will log the fact that you are going away, the current date, and when you expect to be back. Don't stress about exceeding your expected duration by a little; we understand that things happen and sometimes you can't plan things down to a day. This just lets use know about when we should be expecting to see you around again, and also lets us follow up if you're gone much longer than anticipated. Once you're back, you can use the command "!away-return" to remove yourself from the list of away members.


Those are two of the primary uses of the bot right now, but we're adding new features all the time. We also have a polling/survey feature (that will have a few changes made soon so you can change your vote) that we use from time to time to quickly gather input, so keep an eye out for those. You can also check prices of items, search the GW2 wiki, and more through Xantha. You can always find a complete list of available commands and features by entering "!help". If you aren't sure what the proper syntax for a particular command is, you can use "!help <!command>" (note that the leading ! is necessary when getting help with a command, type it as it appears on the !help list).


If you have requests for bot features, feel free to drop me a message (preferably via Discord, but in game or on the forum is fine as well). If you are interested in helping with the bot's development, you can see the python code it's built on here. I also owe a big shout out to Ark for helping me get Xantha up and running and for dealing with my coding questions.

Scribing incoming!

Posted by Alethia - Nov 04 2015 09:58 PM

Our first questions went out with the Quiz the Guild a few weeks ago, here is a more detailed follow up to do with the scribe.  Please put info in here this week.


Through talking to various guild members and others in guild leadership it makes sense with our limited resources, and being able to see what is needed more for guild resources than scribe source on any given day, that I be the first official scribe.  When we choose who will be next, they can get started refining the materials I need that no longer give me experience to start on their level up journey so we can have a line of people working together maximizing the gain within the guild.

Click here to fill in the form!


Coming up soon there will be updates of what is coming up as things people can keep an eye out for if they want to contribute to the hall.  Thing that are not yet able to be deposited in the treasury, but they soon will be with the plan for the weeks ahead.  Most of these updates will likely be in the announcements channel on Discord as it is an easy place to share info in a timely fashion to many people.
If you have not joined us on Discord, please check it out or ask us for help.

Launch approaches!

Posted by Alethia - Oct 18 2015 05:46 AM

Heart of Thorns is nearly here!  This time next week we might be in our shiny new guild hall.


Of course, a lot of things need to be checked out and we have to navigate guild mission reset and hope that allows us to earn our way into our expedition.


Current penciled in plan is to run guild missions at the usual time it 6pm Pacific on Saturday of launch week. If we have the prerequisites sorted it may be possible to run out first expedition on Sunday at 4pm Pacific, which usually suits a lot of our guild for one off events.  This isn't set in stone, so feedback is welcome.  I know it will clash with WvW reset with these plans, but unless someone can move the international date line we'll just have to cope a while or miss the best opportunities to get together as a guild.


Once we have an idea of what the new permissions for the guild are and how the new things, work we can revisit what everyone has permissions to do.  Your feedback on guild hall choice, funding upgrades and other things in our quiz the guild is appreciated so choices can be made before the release.


Personally, launch time is perfect play hours for me, so I should be hanging out on Discord if anyone else stays up for the release. Some of us have been discussing options for Halloween vs HoT as one is limited time content, so a lot of us may dabble enough to get started, but plan on concentrating on the temp stuff. Something to consider for your own priorities. Please remember with new content to be excited but resist spoilers! We won't all get to see things right away so think before you type, speak or share spoiler laden screenshots please.

Halloween Mini Event

Posted by Xorin - Oct 13 2015 01:21 AM

Greetings, everyone.


We would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming Halloween Mini Event. This is not to be confused with our Guild Warts event, which we have decided to delay to sometime between now and Wintersday so it does not conflict with the HoT launch. We will be having two primary events.


First, we invite you to complete the Initiate's Test. Follow the directions bellow and see if you can uncover the secret password.




The deadline is 6:00pm PDT on October 18th. Answers should be submitted via the following form. Prizes will be given to all those who successfully find the password.


That is also the that time we will begin our second event, in which you will try to find our Secret Party Spot! Please note that participation in the first event is not necessary to participate in this one. We will assemble at our usual guild mission meeting spot and travel as a group, trying to follow a set of clues that will lead to the party location. Prizes will be awarded for those who make it to the end, but you must be seen at each intermediate location. The clues will be given out at the start of the event via Discord, the Guild Website, and guild chat in game.

Feel free to bring anything you think might add to a party. We will provide Boxes of Fun, Kegs, Bobblehead Labs, Aviator's Memories, Fireworks, and trivia with a few more prizes.

Quiz the Guild!

Posted by Alethia - Oct 10 2015 02:50 AM

It is that time again!  Please take a few minutes to help us out and answer our questions (including some member submitted ones from last time if you are in the mood).

We'd like to look this over before Heart of Thorns launches so we have the info already, so sooner the better if you can!


Quiz the Guild Link

Changes afoot!

Posted by Alethia - Sep 30 2015 08:17 AM

Starting this week changes are coming to guild missions. We already knew that some changes are coming to guilds with the removal of influence and merits, but to accommodate guild raids being released in the expansion the reset for weekly missions is being moved to Monday 0030 pacific time.


This means this week the weekend will be in the current week extended for rewards. Some people may have missed missions on the weekend, so this could be a chance to fit them in, or we can schedule something else fun such as fractals, dungeoneering, completing achievements or other things that can be suggested. Please comment below or discuss ideas on Discord to help us plan.


Release of Heart of Thorns and Halloween are right around the corner now. As most people know, it is a fairly busy time with lots of things changing to keep the game balanced and fun. Changing things is great, but makes event planning with any kind of trivia a headache when it can all change on you between checking all the answers and the event day. Because of this, the close together important dates and real life needing to take focus for some of us we are going to delay our traditional Guild Warts event so we can do it justice and enjoy running the event. We don't have a rescheduled date at this point, but it should be upcoming on a Sunday after HoT launch and before Wintersday.


Because we can't let Halloween go by without confounding a few of you there will be a low key Halloween task on the website which may also be a practice run for similar themes you may encounter at Guild Warts later.


Please keep an eye out for various polls this week to sound out things such as the best day to try and claim ourselves a guild hall, which guild hall to choose first and other issue we may want feedback on as we learn about the changes to guilds. Your feedback to help with directions to steer things is appreciated.

Moving to Discord

Posted by Xorin - Sep 04 2015 10:12 PM

As some of you may already be aware, over the past few weeks we've been playing around with a new VoIP program called Discord. We are pleased to announce that we are ready for this to be used by the guild at large, and will be migrating from Teamspeak to Discord. A quick dislaimer: Discord is still in alpha/beta, so there are some features you might be used to in TS that are currently missing, but there is a lot of active development on the program. If you run into difficulties, please let us know.


As for getting connected, below will be a basic guide for how to connect via the desktop application. The process is similar for the mobile app (which is free), and even easier if you just want to use the browser version, though the browser version has some restrictions (for example, push to talk only works when the browser is the active window). As such, I highly recommend getting an app in some form and using the browser when you're away.


Step one: Download the client of your choice here.


Step two: Register an account.




Step 3: Click "Join a Server"




Step 4: Enter the Instant Invite Link for our server. This is: discord.gg/0QitR101jhdMMnRI




You'll land in the public channel and your screen will look something like this:




You can follow the quest !'s to see Discord's introduction to its features. Upon logging in the first time, you will only have access to the Public voice channel and the Announcement and Lobby text channels. Once an admin flags you as a member, you'll be able to fully utilize the features of our server. If you need to grab the attention of an admin, you can type @Xorin, @Alethia, @Douglas, or @Kasalla and a brief message in the Lobby channel to send one of us a notification.


If you have questions about how to do something, please ask. While Discord is nice, some of its features are a little hidden. You can get to all of your settings via the cog at the lower left (circled in the previous picture). To logout, you will go to your settings. There will be an arrow at the bottom left:




Click that to get a pop-out box that says "Logout" and click that to actually log out.


Warning: By default, Discord is voice activated. You can setup Push to Talk via your Voice Settings.


Warning: By default, Discord runs at startup. If you want to disable that, go to the taskbar, right click on the Discord icon, and uncheck the "Run Discord when my computer starts" option.


Note: If you don't want to download the app, there is also a browser version. You can simply click on this link to use that instead. Do note that the browser version can be finicky with speakers and mics, depending on your browser permissions. It also doesn't support all of the features as the actual app.


We hope to see everyone on Discord soon!